Updated: Nov 25, 2020

It’s no secret that Tik Tok is one of the biggest social networking apps in the entire world. With so many people using it everyday and all of them looking for new content, it is the perfect opportunity for many artists to showcase their music to a wide audience. Donald Trump recently announced that Tik Tok will soon be banned in the United States, unless it is bought out by a US company. What does that mean for so many creators on the platform? Well we’ll have to wait and see what events transpire.

We have seen a number of artists rise through the ranks of Tik Tok and become famous almost overnight, an example being Lil Nas X. Many other artists, such as K Camp or BBNO$, also rely on Tik Tok to market their songs and create hits. It wouldn’t surprise me if either of those 2 artists biggest songs were because of them being so popular on the app and going viral.

Although it has clearly worked for many artists, it can also hurt an artist to get popular on Tik Tok, as there is a limited amount of time and many people only use a certain segment of your song, such as a hook or verse about 6 seconds long. By doing this, the rest of your song is basically unheard and people only want to listen to the “viral” segment, not the rest of your music.

Personally I would not care if Tik Tok gets banned and certain artists “fall off,” as I find it very annoying when music becomes popular on the app and it ruins the song for me. I know many others feel the same as there was a petition going around to keep Juice Wrld's new album Legends Never Die off of Tik Tok, to not ruin it for people.

In conclusion,

Tik Tok getting banned would have a dramatic influence on many artists sales and relevance in the industry, but by getting rid of the app, the “culture” of hip hop would be less watered down and it would allow for many other artists to come through.

Article by Offset Brett

Instagram: @offsetbrett

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