Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The NFL came out with their annual “NFL 100” list this month that ranks the top 100 players in the NFL based on the players' votes. This year's list has received a lot of controversy, and has fans outraged. Fans' confusion with the list started when Myles Garrett was ranked 80th after being ranked 49th the previous year. Myles Garrett was on pace for a 16 sack season which would have been a career high for the Browns DE. More outrage sparked after the top 5 players on the list were revealed. This list included Patrick Mahomes as the third best quarterback behind Rusell Wilson…… and Lamar Jackson. Now, Lamar Jackson had a great season even winning the league's MVP award, but to rank him above Mahomes and Wilson is just absurd. Of course this list was made before the postseason, so players didn't get to see the incredible playoff performances by Mahomes, but nonetheless he is still a much more versatile player with a better arm and should have ranked above Lamar Jackson. When you compare Patrick Mahomes stats against Lamar Jackson’s from both 2018 and 2019, Mahomes has a better completion percentage, more touchdown passes, more passing yards, and more yards per attempt. It’s really not close and I truly don't understand this list.

Article by Zach Smith

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