Updated: Nov 25, 2020

As the NBA season starts, all eyes are on the stars. Will LeBron win his 4th championship? Will Giannis and the Bucks go to the NBA finals? Do the Clippers have what it takes with Kawhi and Paul George to beat the lakers? This is certainly a very exciting and interesting season with more questions than usual but how this season will affect certain stars is what glues me to the screen. For example if Kawhi wins it all this year it will be hard to keep him out of the top ten greatest basketball players of all time. If the Clippers win he would have 3 championships and potentially 3 finals MVPs putting him in a small group of all time talents. Another example is where winning a championship puts LeBron James. If LeBron wins his 4th championship, is there really a debate for the greatest of all time? The main argument for Jordan over LeBron is the championships, and if LeBron James has 4 that argument would lose a lot of steam. We will get the answers to our questions soon, but something we can all agree on is how exciting it is to have sports back.

Article by Zach Smith

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