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Updated: Dec 15, 2020

It’s rare for someone to come across a song that changes the trajectory of their life but, in my case, it happened. “Like Me” by Joey Badass and BJ the Chicago Kid is a song that is dear to me, but not because it is the best song I’ve heard or anything of the sort, but instead because it sends chills down my spine every time I listen to it. I first heard the song summer of eighth-grade, hundreds of feet in the air, on an airplane to Nigeria with my mother. I was half-asleep, on a plane just below heaven listening to this song I’ve never heard before. The jazzy-hip hop beat and shrewd lyrics were new to me, who, at the time, only listened to music on the radio. I look down at my phone to watch the music video and I hear the beat stop, Joey had been shot. After moments of silence, he comes back alive and the beat commences in a slightly faster tempo, more sinister disposition. I was the only one awake on the plane and I was simply shocked at what I was listening to. From that point on I became a huge Joey fan and hip hop head. We landed in Nigeria, and I would repeatedly play the same song for the same effect. I came back from Nigeria and immediately downloaded beat-making software on my laptop to try to emulate that sound that I still use today. The music video was so eye-opening to me at what the black experience and hip hop were in America. Perhaps it was my physical proximity to God at the moment on that plane or the naivety of a young boy, but that song and that moment really changed who I am from a little kid to a more mature, figured-out person.

Article by Huey

instagram: @chukieoj

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