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All Day is a song made by Kanye West. It dropped in 2015, a time when Kanye was really on top of his game. Though the song is claimed by Kanye, it was really a joint effort between multiple composers and artists that he invited to his private studio sessions. Paul McCartney, who had unexpectedly worked with Kanye on songs “Only One” and “FourFive Seconds” was back in the studio with him, this time to make a song much grittier than the others. In one studio session, McCartney strummed away on his guitar an old melody of his, inspired by a Pablo Picasso painting of a man with three fingers on a guitar “The Old Guitarist”. Initially, Kanye was indifferent towards using the melody, but months later, to McCartney’s surprise, the melody was on the song, turned to loud synths. Kanye had found the right melody to set the tone for the song. A young producer by the name of Velous created the skeleton of the instrumental, laying down gritty drums and other elements. Soon it got into the hands of Kanye who added a chopped up sample to finish it off. Lastly, Kanye worked with many different lyricists, most notably, Kendrick and Sean Combs to help him write the song. Kendrick had a verse on the song but it got leaked before the release, forcing Kanye to remove it. He had envisioned All Day as a testament to his dominance in the fashion and music industries, and in the end, the pompous, grandiose lyrics like “how much you n****s ball, all day n****” reflected that. The song had finally come together in perfect harmony and nearly 20 artists were credited for production including Travis Scott, McCartney, Puff Daddy, Velous, French Montana, Charlie Heat, Vic Mensa, and Mike Dean.

Photo by Erez Avissar

As a part of the roll-out, Kanye performed All Day at the 2015 Brit awards. Kanye brought swabs of black men on stage. All wearing black-on-black clothes, they rioted to the music in the dark as flames flew from the seemingly larger-than-life stage. But this wasn’t all, Kanye was aiming for high-art. With oscar-winning Steve McQueen, he made an official music video, displayed at the ‘LACMA’ as a two-part film representing all day and an unreleased song titled I Feel Like That. Kanye’s genius curated the perfect visuals to match the gritty composition of All Day.

Article by Huey

Instagram: @chukieoj

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