Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Today marks the two year anniversary of the legendary arrival of Travis Scott’s magnum opus, ASTROWORLD. From its inception, STARGAZING, till its end, COFFEE BEAN, the album allows the listener to experience a breadth of emotions as it takes them on the wildest ride of their life.

ASTROWORLD has proven itself as one of the most impactful albums in recent history. Since the rollout of the album, Travis executed a larger-than-life spectacle that was the “ASTROWORLD - Wish You Were Here” tour, which was widely successful, and made an annual festival called ASTROWORLD FESTIVAL to match. He performed at the Grammys, got the key to his city, became the ambassador of Houston, produced a Netflix documentary (Look Mom I Can Fly) and inspired hundreds of kids around America. Not to mention its immense cultural impact as it put Don Toliver on the map.

The album starts with the highly anticipated STARGAZING. Practically two parts, the song goes from a feeling of anticipation to a sudden rush of energy. Travis Scott keeps this energy with the following tracks CAROUSEL, and the mainstream hit of the album SICKO MODE. These songs include top-notch features from Frank Ocean (CAROUSEL) and Drake (SICKO MODE), some of the most popular and influential artists on the planet.

After the high energy of the first three songs, Travis decides to slow it down with the tracks R.I.P. SCREW, a track dedicated to the late Houston legend DJ Screw who was known for slowing down and chopping up tracks, and STOP TRYING TO BE GOD, a grand song featuring James Blake's powerful vocals and Stevie Wonder playing the harmonica. From here, Travis immediately transitions to one of the most high energy songs on the album, NO BYSTANDERS, right back to a more laid-back and chill vibe with SKELETONS, WAKE UP, and 5% TINT.

This musical rollercoaster continues throughout the album from NC-17 (song with heavy 808’s and a great verse from 21 Savage), to ASTROTHUNDER (very mellow and psychedelic vibe), to YOSEMITE (very relaxing beat that goes well with Travis and Gunna’s flow), to CAN’T SAY (one of the best features on the album from Don Toliver and great beat drops throughout the song), to WHO? WHAT! (a high energy track featuring the Migos), to BUTTERFLY EFFECT (the lead single to the album released in 2017), to HOUSTONFORNICATION (a good all-around track, and a great song for the city of Houston), to the album’s finale COFFEE BEAN (very mellow song and served as the perfect outro to this grand album). A true rollercoaster.

With this album, Travis Scott wanted to make a musical experience with great production and extreme unpredictability……. AND IT WORKED! The wait for the album was over 2 years, but it absolutely lived up to its hype. From casual listeners to music critics, Travis Scott gave a little something for everybody to like.

Astroworld will be remembered for more than an album, but rather an experience. It helped give Houston hip hop some much-deserved attention (people like Don Toliver) and made Travis Scott a global icon.

This one will be hard to top, but after Travis Scott’s consistent rollout of good albums/mixtapes, fans have high hopes for the Houston rapper.

Article by Zach Smith and Huey

Instagram(s): @zachsmithh4 and @chukieoj

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