Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Lil Wayne is one of the greatest rappers alive, and has an amazing catalogue of music behind him. Not only did he make great music a while back, but he has continued to drop albums and singles that gather a lot of attention. His influence on the rap game is evident with these key features:

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The “Lil” in Lil Wayne is probably one of the most popular influences he has had. Almost every single new artist that blows up has Lil in front of their name, a trend that they all seem to follow. With Lil Wayne being the most popular “lil” rapper, it’s fair to say that he influenced most, if not all, of these new rappers.

(Who do you think is the most popular new “Lil” rapper?)


Lil Wayne is covered in a variety of different tattoos all over his body. His most prominent and recognizable tattoos are his face tattoos. It’s more common nowadays to find a rapper without a face tattoo, than it is to find one with one, another example of Lil Wayne’s influence.



From his lyrics to his different flows, Wayne has dominated and it’s easy to see how many younger rappers copy his earlier work to try and improve their music slightly, sometimes without much effect.

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