Juice Wrld was one of the most talented artists of this generation, and there is nothing you can say that can change my mind. From his music, to his freestyles and beat selection, it’s easy to see why in such a short space of time, Juice gathered such a large fanbase. Not only did he make amazing music, but it seemed that Juice Wrld was also an amazing person in real life, and he often helped fans out and had encouraging words for everyone.

Why did he have to leave so soon?

In a case like this, one always wondered how much further he would have been able to go had he not passed away. It’s unfortunate that we could not see him use his full potential and instead it is up for debate how relaxed he would have remained if he was still alive today.

Given the right amount of time and guidance, I think Juice could have been one of the biggest artists to date, and remained relevant for much longer than other rappers who had recently blown up.

I’m not a fan of his latest album Legends Never Die, as it seems like it was thrown together rather than specifically curated, but many disagree and it has certainly been met with much commercial success.

What are your thoughts on everything?

R.I.P. Juice Wrld

Article by Offset Brett

Instagram: @offsetbrett

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