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Updated: Dec 15, 2020

A number of rappers have, among other talents, an amazing ability to “get in their bag”. This is often portrayed and showcased to the world as we see popular artists doing ad campaigns for well established brands, and we can only imagine they are paid generously for their efforts.

Photo by Phil Knott

Newcomer and recent XXL freshman 24kgoldn, has recently teamed up with Visa and Tinder to run campaigns for them, and in the process, has made himself a tidy sum of money. We’ve also seen artists such as Gucci Mane link up with Gucci, and more recently, Cardi B and Balenciaga. These huge brands working with rappers, prove that there is a lot of money to be made from endorsement deals.

Rappers and artists in general, develop a fan base, and in some cases a cult following. Companies have realized this, and are using it to their advantage to showcase their products or services, knowing that the profits made off the campaign will far outnumber the hefty price tag these artists are charging for their involvement.

These campaigns and endorsements are mutually beneficial for both the artist and the company, and I’m excited to see this endeavor grow in the future, both enabling the company to reach a greater audience and for the artist to grow their wealth exponentially.

What is your favorite artist endorsement?

Article by Offset Brett Instagram: @offsetbrett

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