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Being from New York, I tend to hear new artists and sounds coming from the East Coast before anywhere else. It’s not often that I’m early to a sound that’s really popping over on the West Coast. While talking to a friend from Los Angeles I was put on to a group called BlueBucksClan. From the first listen my interest was sparked. It’s unlike a lot of the music that’s becoming popular over here on the East Coast (heavy 808’s, synths, and autotune). The music sounds almost as if they are talking over the beat, occasionally going slightly off beat, grabbing your attention, switching the flow, and forcing you to listen for the next catchy punchline. Both members of the group DJ and Jeezy go back and forth flowing off each other while dropping some pretty witty and sometimes funny bars that had me laughing occasionally. While DJ and Jeezy consistently do their thing on all the tracks, it’s really the beats made by producers like Baby E that tie it all together. All of the beats have a similar style but they go incredibly well with the group. It’s hard not to start bobbing your head when one of Baby E’s beats starts to play.

While BlueBucksClan and Baby E are helping broaden and pioneer the sound, there are also a few guys who are or have been in a similar lane with some mainstream attention. Starting with someone who isn’t as relevant now but had a short run where everyone was playing his music, Blueface. Now, his sound isn't exactly the same as BlueBucks but the similarities are there. Unfortunately, Blueface couldn't really stick with the sound long enough for it to continue to grow. You also have guys like OhGeesy (from Shoreline Mafia) and Drakeo the Ruler who unlike Blueface are still doing their thing while helping to pioneer and spread the sound. Both artists are continuing to grow their audience while keeping the “ride or die” fans that they already had.

I do believe that this new wave of Hip-Hop has a ton of potential and will spread to the East Coast. The way that this sound is starting to make waves on the West Coast and expand, reminds me a lot of how the popular drill sound came from the UK, spread to New York, and slowly took over America. This now begs the question… Will this sound come and go similar to the way drill music has started to slow down in the mainstream? I don't have the answer to this question, but this sound certainly has my attention and undeniably will have others as well. I recommend you all give BlueBucksClan, Baby E, OhGeesy, and Drakeo the Ruler a listen because this could be one of the next big sounds to take over the industry.

What do you think of the sound? Let us know.

Article by Zach Smith

Instagram: @zachsmith.b

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